Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I hope you all are having a good week so far.  It was 70 degrees here in Iowa today and sunny, so I really can't complain :)

I really love making things.  If you've read any of my other (few) posts, you'll know I love to bake.  I also like to cook, sew, crochet and knit.  I know, so, so, old?

Not unless almost-25 is old,  which I sometimes feel it is :)

Anyways, knitting is the craft I am able to do most, for the main reason that it is very portable.  I would probably sew a bit more than I do now, but taking a sewing machine everywhere with me could get a bit awkward.

I have a habit of starting projects and not finishing them.  Case-in-point:

I started this quilt four years ago, and have worked on it on-and-off since then.  It's still not finished.

I started this skirt four years ago as well, and have actually worked on it recently.  Then I got to the zipper.  And, oh, zippers scare me.  I know, it's ridiculous, I let some plastic teeth scare me.  I'm hoping to conquer my fear soon.  What can I say, every weekend for the last month I've told myself to conquer this fear, and it hasn't happened.  So all I can do is say that I'll do it soon.

After that's done I hope to make this:


Somehow, I can actually finish knitting projects.  Here's what I'm working on right now:

Squares for a blanket inspired by the Log Cabin quilting pattern.

A scarf, in purples.

A sweater in bulky yarn.  Yes, more purple.

Some socks.

And, to be honest, I'm consistently working on the scarf and blanket right now, and the other two have kinda been pushed back.  But they will get done, don't worry.

Hope you all have a Super Tuesday!  Yes, I know, cheesy pun.


Taylor said...

I am impressed! I have no talent whatsoever in that area. I can't even sew on my kids' Awanas patches. ;)

gianna said...

I am so not a DIY person. But I try to be, then fail miserably, and vow to never do it again until a week goes by and I have forgotten all about my last failure.

So these things are amazing!