Monday, May 21, 2012

The Past Month via Instagram

Well, that was an unintended break.  I'm so thankful for a wonderful spring.

I was so happy when Instagram was released for Androids.  I've been trying to take a photo a day - I love going back through the photos I've taken and remembering things.

I ran my first 10k on April 28.  This blurry photo was taken at 6:45am in the shuttle that took the runners to the starting point.  The race deserves it's own blog post - it was a great experience.

Been going to lots of my siblings softball games.  This is one of my favorite things about spring and summer.

Summer officially came to Iowa City.  School is over and now there are events downtown on the weekends and all the families are out and about.  Such a different environment than when all the students are in town.  This bike race was so much fun to watch.

Been going on lots of runs.  This is a huge change for me, and it's been so good to be disciplined in this area.

I never go grocery shopping.  But I'm starting to, and I'm trying to eat a little differently, too.  So far, so good!

Ran my second 10k on May 12.  

The weather has been so perfect for outdoor eating!

Froyo with my little sis downtown.  I think summer might be my favorite season.

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