Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinterest Weekend

I've been writing this post all week.  This should show you how long it takes me to write a blog post.  I didn't want to re-write the whole post, so I just left it alone.

So this past Saturday I was able to put four Pinterest Pins to use.  The first was painting my nails in a color from Essie's new Spring 2012 line, which I first saw on Pinterest - Ole Caliente, now a new favorite.  I don't know if it's in stores yet (it should be), but I got mine on Amazon.

My new favorite color, Essie's Ole Caliente.

We had guests over for dinner that night, and I made four desserts.  Yes, I know, sugar overload.  I got three of the recipes from Pinterest, and all of them were delicious!

The first recipe I made was Strawberry Heart Oreos.  The recipe only made 12 - 15 oreo cookies and I had several people to feed, so instead of making them oreos I simply frosted each individual cookie.  They were absolutely delicious.

The second project was Gooey Neopolitan Cake Bars.  These came out delicious, but not pretty, which was completely my fault.

These were delicious, but they didn't come out looking very good.  The main reason was that the aluminum foil I lined the pan with didn't reach all the up the sides of the pan, and the sweetened condensed milk that gets poured over the top trickled down the sides and got stuck to the sides of the pan.  When I was trying to lift the cake out of the pan with the foil it stuck and the cake cracked and broke in several places.  Again, this was totally my fault - if I make this recipe again (and I would) I would use two layers of foil and make sure they came up the sides of the pan.

The third recipe I made were Pecan Pie Bars.  These were so good, and I'll definately make them again!

Unlike Pecan Pie, these bars use brown sugar and honey as their sweetener.  My Dad actually said they don't really taste anything like Pecan Pie, but they were still delicious :)  The bottom is shortbread-like and the top is made on the stove. 

The fourth recipe I made was one of our family's favorite recipes, which I'll share next time.  Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

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